About Us

TJE Consulting is a specialist provider of strategic support. Our focus is providing excellent advice, support and services to enable you to fully realise the potential of your business.

Led by Tim Edwards, we provide management consultancy to support the development and evaluation of strategy, with a particular specialism in social value.


To ensure your impact is maximised, we draw on our extensive experience of working in a wide range of senior management roles across housing and regeneration, in private, public sector and third sector organisations, as well as our expertise as accredited social value practitioners.


Our specialisms include affordable housing services, further education and skills, and social enterprise in addition to social value. But we also have wide-ranging senior experience in strategic, quality, and performance management that can support your business development and growth.


We believe in building and sustaining effective partnerships to address the most complex issues that require multi-stakeholder responses and have successfully led programmes across the public, private and third sectors to deliver successful outcomes.


We have a strong network of partnerships to inform and support the work we do and maintain and develop our skills to ensure they remain current with the latest thinking and approaches.


We have a strong client focus and are committed to ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations by fully understanding your requirements and working collaboratively and effectively with you, to provide outstanding results.


Please get in touch, we are friendly and approachable and would love to chat to you about the opportunities, issues, and challenges that you may be facing.


Strategic and management consultancy

We provide a client-led and supportive approach to consultancy projects providing new insight and practical solutions to your needs.


We take a collaborative approach to ensure your requirements are met and work closely with you to ensure the project outcomes are what you need.


We have wide-ranging experience gained across the public, private and third sectors with a particular focus on strategic development, quality and performance management.

We employ evidentially led approaches, engaging effectively with all key stakeholders ensuring our recommendations are well researched and based on best evidence and methodological approaches.

We are flexible in terms of working in a wide range of locations and have key specialisms in affordable housing, further education and skills, regeneration and social enterprise. Further, we have significant experience of working in regulated sectors and supporting business improvement activity.

Our work is undertaken with values of integrity, inclusion, and transparency. Further we are discrete and tactful in terms of undertaking our activity.
Our testimonials demonstrate how we have supported our clients needs.
We have a flexible approach to meeting your needs and our day rates are competitive with our aim always to return significantly greater value than the client’s investment.

Social Value

Our particular specialism is social value; we will work with you to maximise your business’ social impact and help you compete effectively for contracts through differentiating your social value offer.


Since the introduction of the Public Services (Social Value) Act which requires public agencies to take account of social value in procurement of its services, there has been a growing understanding of the importance for potential providers to identify the social value they are creating.


We can help you develop and evaluate your social value strategy.

Used to working in a wide range of organisations across the public, private and third sectors, we will work closely with you and your teams to ensure we fit right into the required role.

In terms of location, we are flexible to meet the needs of our clients, similarly we can undertake short- or longer-term assignments full or part time depending on the needs of the client.

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Jon Whiteman

Director of Operations UK Sports Training
We had a meeting with Tim to help align our 3/5 year plan and strategy as a company. Tim is very knowledgeable and produced an in depth strategy document which included all of our mission statements, values and key KPI’s to focus on in a very timely fashion. Thank you, Tim and look forward to working with you in the future

Graham Morley

Senior Leadership Support Ltd
Tim has undertaken some consultancy work for me looking into apprenticeship provision. He did a great job and delivered the outputs I required with minimal supervision. He’s very knowledgeable and he rapidly gained the respect of those he worked with. His final report was full of the stuff I needed and devoid of stuff I didn’t. He’s great to work with and I’d recommend him without hesitation. If he says he can do something, he can.

Paul Medford

Head of Governance Trafford Housing Association
I worked with Tim for nine plus years in the social housing and training sectors. I have particularly valued Tim’s knowledge, strategic insight and diligence. Tim is a passionate believer in the social value businesses can generate to support better communities for all to work and live in

Melanie Mills

Senior Director Social Sector Engagement, Big Society Capital
I worked with Tim over a number of years. As a line manager he was extremely supportive and as a colleague his positive stance to problem solving was always motivational. He leads by example and this shows in the high standard of results he achieves. Tim has a wide range of experience across housing, regeneration, social enterprise, the voluntary sector and education. These skills plus his commitment to drive social change will bring great benefit to any team or project.

Andrew Thompson

CEO Groundwork West Midlands
I’ve worked with Tim for a number of years, with specific regard to business planning, strategic planning and developing income diversification strategies in the not-for-profit sector. Tim is considered and analytical in his approach and always adds value, knowing the ‘right’ question to ask. Tim has a real passion for Social Value and is ethically driven, I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Jonathan Dale

Chair SPES
Great depth of knowledge and experience of the sector coupled with the ability to get things done help make Tim the consummate professional.

Victoria Silvester

MD Acacia Training
Tim is incredibly knowledgeable with regards to the education sector, with huge integrity and is highly committed to everything he does. A really well-connected person who strives to ensure the best outcomes for all

John Westby

Head of Fundrasing Clarion Futures
I have worked with Tim over a number of years collaborating across the affordable and private housing sectors to develop new initiatives, particularly in skills and apprenticeships. Tim’s has a strong background in training, housing and regeneration. His extensive knowledge and reliability are aligned with a personal style that works effectively in developing and building partnerships across organisations and sectors. Tim leads projects with openness and integrity, successfully initiating an early phase apprenticeship Trailblazer in Housing and Property comprising representatives across the housing sector, alongside awarding and professional bodies. Tim managed the various interests through persuasive and supportive leadership enabling the group to successfully create a new sector pathway for learners, which was profiled at the House of Lords as an exemplar of the new apprenticeship agenda

Heidi Leyshon

Communities Manager, Sovereign Housing Association
Tim has a very honest and personable style. He’s very generous in sharing his extensive knowledge on initiatives, funding, employer engagement and training. Tim really took the time to listen and understand the situation, ambition and what would fit for Sovereign. He spoke with a variety of stakeholders and pulled this together in a very comprehensive report. I’m usually the detailed one on my own, however, Tim wanted as much information as possible to fully inform his thinking before making recommendations and his report gave lots to discuss and debate. The stand out for me was that Tim does not give you a copy and paste of blue prints that others are doing – he translates options that could work for you. I recommend you consider Tim to support you with any thought leadership or service review to further your success.