In the midst of a crisis people’s true compassion and humanity emerge.  We can’t forecast the economic and social cost of the current crisis, but it has yet again showed that there is innate values of  care, citizenship and social support widespread across our communities.

The huge response to support the NHS is testament to this, as are the many novel ways despite significant barriers that services and organisations are reaching out to support those most vulnerable.

The voluntary sector is playing a huge role in helping to mobilise and direct this citizen based effort, we truly are a Big Society. But these networks need to be strengthened and sustained.  As a result of cuts in budgets a lot of the infrastructure that has helped sustain these networks has been lost.  When the immediate crisis is over, our communities and areas will need continuing support to recover.  Voluntary and community services are core to this effort

In social impact terms and to support the levelling up agenda we need to build strong resilient local networks that can held address the economic, social and environmental  changes we face